Unitised Glazing Systems

Unitised systems offer more flexible design opportunities for contemporary design in buildings and the renovation and recladding of older existing buildings.

Unitised systems enable large panels and glazed elements to be completely prefabricated off-site so that they can be easily installed on site. This process guarantees both a higher overall quality and considerably less time spent on the building site.

Storey height pre-glazed and assembled units can delivered to the site ready to be craned and fitted quickly into place. Installation time is greatly reduced and external scaffolding may not be required.

Unitised glazing offers, fast installation, and a higher quality finished product – units are machined, assembled, glazed in a factory controlled environment.

Unitised glazing offers a wide choice of finishes – all installed in the factory with colour Powder Coated finishes, aluminium panels, stainless steel panels, thin stone cladding or terracotta tiles.

The options are almost limitless and NKG Systems are experts in installing these complex systems quickly, safely and efficiently.